People Are Actually Fighting Over These Grocery Store Sugar Cookies

We all know these Lofthouse cookies. Personally, I think they are PURE deliciousness! You either love them or you hate them. And the internet is in a full on war on whether or not these are a pure miracle or pure disgusting!

With one tweet, 21-year-old Taylor Haugen of Wisconsin started the debate. She shared a photo of the "flavorless" cookies with a heated insult, and thousands of people had something to say about it.

Apparently, her opinion is an unpopular one. More than 700 people replied to her post, and many didn't agree with her, calling them "delicacies" and "the god of cookies."

Taylor told Buzzfeed she "wasn't planning on starting WWIII," but the hundreds of comments on her tweet haven't changed her feelings about the cookies. "I will never change my opinion on them," she said. "Though I don't think I'll voice my opinions on other baked goods anymore."

Read more from Buzzfeed HERE

What do YOU think? YAY or NAY?

Personally...I AM ALL IN!

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