This Café Dedicated To All Things Cookie Dough Is Proof Dreams Come True

Meet Kristen Tomlan: The genius behind this COOKIE DOUGH CAFE that I MUST visit!

She opened a new wildly successful new café in New York's Greenwich Village, called DŌ!

Via Delish - It's a cookie dough mecca, a place where no one's going to judge you for shoveling the unbaked stuff into your mouth or warn you that raw eggs and flour will KILL YOU. Kristen's dough doesn't even have eggs, and thanks to heat-treated flour, it's totally safe to eat.

"For the longest time, everybody's been saying no, no, no, and I just wanted to say, 'Do whatever you want!'," laughs Kristen. So she made DŌ a place of yes: Yes, you can eat cookie dough — and you can choose from 17 flavors. Yes, you can eat it by the spoonful — do you want it in a cup or a cone? Yes, you can bake it, too — Kristen and her team will do it for you (does a Nutella-stuffed cookie bomb tickle your fancy?) or you can take it home and pop it in the oven yourself.


*brb booking my trip RIGHT now*

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