This Is Not A Drill: H&M Is Likely Coming to Towne East Square

According to The Wichita Eagle it sounds like Towne East is getting an H&M!

Twitter seems a bit excited:

According to the Wichita Eagle:

Have You Heard? has obtained documents indicating that an H&M store is coming to Towne East Square.

“At the current time we cannot confirm this location, however we are always looking for the best new locations,” wrote H&M spokesman Patrick Shaner in an e-mail.

“I will be sure to reach out to you with any news in the near future.”

H&M is a Swedish company that sells clothing and accessories for women, men and children. It’s especially popular with teenagers and other younger people.

Towne East Square general manager Mis Gaston also responded via e-mail through a public relations company the mall uses.

“While we have no information regarding specific retailers to release at this time, Towne East Square is continually scouting the latest and most relevant retail experiences for our shoppers and any change in the marketplace offers us opportunities to add new retail options that will serve the community.”

It sounds like there may be quite a bit of business shuffling to make room for a sizable H&M store.

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