Facebook Releasing More Features That Look Just Like Snapchat

Via Cosmo - If you thought Instagram Stories were basically a direct copy of Snapchat, you haven't seen anything yet. Facebook just announced on Tuesday that it's coming out with its very own Stories feature, in what is obviously a way to compete with Snapchat.

The company is marketing the new update as a new "camera" feature, that offers new effects and ways to share your photos. This week, a new app update on iOS and Android phones will let you tap a camera icon in the top left corner, just like on Facebook, or swipe right from your news feed, to access the new feature.

After you've taken your filtered photo or video, you can, yup, add it as a Story that disappears after 24 hours unless you choose to save it to your news feed. You can also send it directly to specific friends, who can see it once and reply to it before it disappears. Sound familiar?

At least the company isn't pretending they came up with the concept. "The way people create content is changing to be from text to photos and videos," Connor Hayes, product manager for Facebook stories, told The Verge, offering some credit where it's due: "This is in turn changing the way they're sharing with one another and interacting online. This is something that Snapchat has really pioneered."

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