This 3-Year-Old Refused to Have a Birthday Party Unless It Was Poop-Emoji-Themed

This little girl is definitely NOT a party pooper!

This 3-year-old from St. Louis didn't want a party unless it was poop-themed so her parents made it happen!

 After several months of the little girl asking, her Mom decided to “embrace the weird,” she told the Huffington Post, and threw their kid a poop party.

Guests at the October party played “pin the poop” in the toilet, had whoopee cushion party favors, and enjoyed breaking Tootsie Roll- and Hershey’s Kisses-filled poop emoji piñatas. Rebecca even wore a human-size poop emoji costume — Audrey wore a flower-crown-wearing poop emoji sticker on her party outfit.

The mom said everyone loved the party and thought it was hilarious. “I expected the grandparents to question it, but they all just laughed when I told them,” she added

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