Taco Bell Will Soon Be Accepting Reservations to Eat at Their Test Kitchen

So you can now get married at a Taco Bell in Vegas and you could also eat at their test kitchen to see where all the magic happens!

Taco Bell has teamed up with OpenTable to offer exclusive reservations at the Taco Bell test kitchen in Irvine, California. 

Via People- 32 spots will be available on the OpenTable website on a first-come, first-serve basis and those who are lucky enough to snag a seat will be treated to a five-course dinner with never-before-seen dishes inspired by Taco Bell classics. Guests will also get the first look at new products and menu creations before they are available to the public.

“The chance to be the first to see our innovative food, where it’s created, from the chefs who make it happen, is a unique experience that’s never been available to the public until now,” says Liz Matthews, chief food officer at Taco Bell Corp. “As a brand known for our firsts, we’re excited to open our doors into the magic of our innovation and give our biggest fans an experience they’ll never forget.”

Reservations open, appropriately, on Cinco de Mayo and the dinner will be held on May 19.

But don’t go crying into your Crunchwrap Supreme just yet if you’re not one of the lucky winners — Taco Bell promises more dining experiences are to come throughout the year. 

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