This Teen's Promposal Cost More Than Some Pay In Rent And Twitter Is Losing It

A high school junior from Houston, Texas named Louis has put together an absurdly expensive "Promposal." I would venture to say his promposal costs more than some in Houston pay for rent!

I'm definitely not hating though! I WOULD KILL FOR A PAIR OF "Red Bottoms!"

"If the shoe fits makeup your mind" is what the sign sign says, and he presented Caitlin with a bag from Sephora and a box.

 Inside the box was a pair of Christian Louboutin heels. 

YES. The shoes like Carrie Bradshaw wore in Sex & the City.

The shoes retail for about $675. That's a lot of cash. 

Something tells me she said yes!

Photos: @caitlannnn_ on Twitter

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