Air Koryo, North Korea's Airline, Serves Only One Dish: The Mysterious Koryo Burger

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On Air Koryo, North Korea's state airline, flight attendants are known to serve one thing, and one thing only! 

It's a burger just as mysterious as the secretive country itself.

The burger is always served cold, and always on a paper doily. Inside the bun is a piece of unidentified meat, a slice of processed cheese, a dash of shredded cabbage or a lonely lettuce leaf, and a dollop of sweet, brown sauce.

Some wonder: Why a burger? What exactly IS that meat?! Why is it served that way?

I have so many questions!

For years, the internet warred over what the burger was actually made of, but the majority of people deduced that the patty must be pork.

 Simon Cockerell, the general manager of the Beijing-based travel company Koryo Tours, finally put rumors to rest and claimed that it's actually chicken.

However, when journalist Jonathan Kaiman of the LA Times reached out to a representative at Air Koryo’s Beijing office, they could not confirm the type of meat.

Would YOU try it?

Honestly, I didn't even know travel to North Korea was possible...and now I'm intrigued. 

(my family would kill me. but I'm definitely intrigued!)

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