Fidget Toys Are Suddenly Everywhere and Causing Problems in Classrooms

There’s a new gadget that’s causing controversy in schools across the country for causing distractions.  Think less iPhone and more - Actually we’re not really sure what this is. But the so called fidget spinner is all the rage. It’s a three pronged metal - sometimes plastic - toy that spins around while balancing on the thumb If you remember troll dolls or slap bracelets or even rubber bands - chances are you agree with me when I say Our weird stuff was so much better Still Fidget spinners sold at convenience and toy stores, started as a tool for students with ADHD to reduce classroom anxiety. 


Chicago Tribune reports some teachers think these spinners are having the opposite effect I mean just look at how frustrated this cat is? Kids are kids and while anxiety may be down - distractions are up - as is trading these spinners like their baseball cards These spinners aren’t toys though and schools are resorting to banning them for the classroom Trolls with jeweled belly buttons don’t look so bad now do they


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