Here's Why the Internet Is Flipping Out About (or Posting Pictures of) a Red Swimsuit


How many times did you see this suit in your instagram feed yesterday?! I swear I had at least 20 friends posting this suit lol 

Via E! News: So it only makes sense that when Sunny Co Clothing posted an almost too-good-to-be-true promo for Instagram users interested in receiving a free bathing suit, chaos ensued. 

The deal was described as follows: Within 24 hours, share the snapshot of the poolside model rocking the red one-piece to your own Instagram account, tag Sunny Co Clothing's in the post and voila! A Pamela Sunny Suit, which retails for $64.99, will arrive at your door just in time to hit the beach. 

Shipping and handling costs aren't covered, but a portion of all proceeds goes to Alzheimer's research. Needless to say, Instagram freaked out. 

Social media users couldn't scroll through their timelines without at least one of their friends sharing the picture in hopes of scoring a free swimsuit, and even Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles was annoyed by the fiasco. 

"Please stop posting the red bathing suit picture," she tweeted Wednesday. 

View image on Twitter

It didn't take long for the infamous red swimsuit to make its way to Twitter, where people offered their own hilarious takes on what might happen when every girl shows up to the pool in the same suit; or the moment Sunny Co Clothing realized they might be in way over their heads when fulfilling orders.

In the aftermath of the viral moment, Sunny Co Clothing clarified the promotion's rules, and alluded to the possibility of some not receiving the swimsuits after all. 

"Due to the viral volume of participants, we reserve the right to cap the promotion if deemed necessary," their post read in part.

It continued, "Due to the overwhelming volume of orders we will work as fast as we can to process + ship (approx. 3-6 weeks) but there may be delays."



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