Italian Village of Bormida Will Literally Pay You Money To Move There

Photo: Getty

A Mayor in Italy wants to offer money to anyone willing to relocate to a tiny village in northwestern Italy called Bormida.

The Mayor is Daniele Galliano. And under his proposed plan, people who move to Bormida and rent or buy property will get €2,000 ($2,176.70), according to The Guardian

The plan is meant to keep the village, which 394 people call home, from losing its population. Bormida is located 50 miles from Genoa and is part of the Leguria region. 

The mayor, who will be hoping to implement the scheme this summer, which will drop the rent rates of a number of properties down to a tiny €50 (£42.50) a month.

And to help sweeten the deal, there is a Michelin star restaurant – Locanda dell’Angelo- in the nearby town of Millesimo, which is just 13 miles away.

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