Planet-Based Burgers That Actually Taste Good? I'm Willing To Give It A Whirl

I keep seeing videos online pop up about these plant-based burgers. But I didn't know that I could actually try one right here in Sacramento!

It's one of the up and coming big trends in food, and you can try one this weekend — at the pop-up restaurant, Burger Patch  Saturday at noon.

The event starts at noon and is expected to draw crowds at 1801 L #50, the space formerly occupied by the short-lived Saddle Rock Restaurant. Cash only!

According to The Sacramento Bee, The Double Patch burger costs $11.50, the Original Patch Burger is $7, Shovel of Spuds $2.50, and Earth Quake Shake $5. There will also be a plant-based “chicken” sandwich called at The Ranch for $8 and chick’n tenders for $6.50. All of the food is takeout.

What do you think?? Are you willing to try it?

Apparently, it will satisfy even the biggest meat lovers!

If you decide to check it out..let me know!

Read more from The Sacramento Bee HERE

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