Exactly What My Summer Needs: Beach/Lake Wine Glasses


This is such a simple yet amazing idea! 

One of my favorite places in the world is in Oklahoma at the lake house my parents have. There's lots of rock beaches and THIS IS EXACTLY THE ITEM I'VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR!!

According to Cosmo: The inventors are Jason Klinge and David D'Agostino. Their entire company wouldn't exist if it weren't for a total party foul-turned-Eureka-moment: They were hanging out by the beach, sipping wine, when the base fell off one of the glasses, leaving just the spike of a stem in its place.


Before long, they launched The Beach Glass, selling the cups in two different styles and 11 colors — along with a nautical-themed collection, for any prepsters or wannabe Mr. and Mrs. Howells out there — and the response was "overwhelming," a representative for the brand said. The first batch sold out in three months flat, and since 2015, the owners estimate they've sold hundreds of thousands of glasses worldwide.

"In order to meet demand, we had to bring on a second factory, and we expect this year to be our biggest yet," the rep said.

Check them out HERE



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