MTV's Newest Show Will Give You Serious ‘Laguna Beach' Vibes & I CAN'T WAIT

No reality show will ever be as good as Laguna Beach.

Except maybe Newlyweds with Jessica Simpson. Maybe.


Never forget:

Well, get excited!

Because, MTV is launching a new show called Siesta Key and it's channeling some serious Laguna Beach vibes!

This new show, Siesta Key, is set to be a drama in the same vein as Laguna Beach, Jersey Shore, and The Hills.

According to Variety, the 10-episode season follows the relationships between six friends living in the Florida Keys as they graduate high school and return for their first summer home from college.


Watch the trailer:

All we need now is a Hilary Duff theme song!

Siesta Key premiers on Monday, July 31.

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