Logan Mize Shares New Track: "Somebody To Thank"

Logan Mize

Photo: Getty

Logan Mize is back with a new record! 

Aaaand he’s sharing one of the new tracks before you can buy it.

He’s releasing Come Back Road on Friday (July 28), and its first single, “It Ain’t Always Pretty,” has already reached No.2 on iTunes & Bobby Bones played it and we all went crazy.

Logan says: 

“This record has modern feels to it, but sounds a bit more Midwestern. There are a lot of ethereal sounds that represent that open prairie to me. It’s more of a heartland record than a southern record. It’s a record I am super proud of.”

“As a 32-year-old with a wife and two kids, the typical thing would be for me to go get a job, but I just want to do my job from a sold-out stadium stage. What I really want to do is entertain people. Make them smile and enjoy themselves.”

Never give up on those dreams!

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