A Sweet Valley High Movie Is Officially In The Works


Don't act like you didn't read ALL the books. Oh my gosh. I WAS OBSESSED!!!!

And this theme song?? I totally had the CD and remember rocking out to it with my three CD changer while thinking I was SO cool. I even remember my other favorite song on that CD was "Rose Colored Glasses" and how I remember that...I have no idea! 

Oh, the 90's!

We got a line of Lisa Frank pajamas at Target last week, and today we find out there's going to be a SWEET VALLEY MOVIE.

And even better...they've hired the screenwriter for Legally Blonde to write it.


I follow the twins who played Jessica and Elizabeth in the TV on Instagram and last year, they [Brittany and Cynthia Daniels] turned 40 they literally don't look any different. They look AMAZING!!

Hoping they'll make a cameo in the movie!

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