It's National Spoil Your Dog Day

It's National Spoil Your Dog Day!

How do you spoil your dog? I'll probably take my doodle on an extra long walk tonight and give her some peanut butter in her kong (that's her favorite!)

According to's Pampered Pooch Survey...this is the top five ways Americans spoil their dogs:

  1. I give my dog a special treat (60 percent)
  2. I tell my dog, "I love you." (49 percent)
  3. I buy or make a special gift for my dog (36 percent)
  4. I post photos of my dog all over social media (30 percent)
  5. I include my dog in special activities (25 percent)

The survey also listed the top five most dog-loving states based on how regularly dog owners in each state engaged in loving behaviors with their dog:

  1. California
  2. New York
  3. Washington
  4. Tennessee
  5. Florida

73 percent of U.S. dog owners say they give frequent gifts to their dogs...and I'm definitely one of those!

I guess really, it's National Spoil Your Day Dog every day at my house!

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