You Can Now Buy This Popular Blue Wine In The United States

I am definitely intrigued by about you??

I remember last summer this blue wine going viral, except at the time it wasn't available in the United States. 

Well, now the wait is over!

I already see some seriously cute Instagram 4th of July posts in my head for next year!

It was created in Spain where they were appearently tired of the wine culture they'd been exposed to, where people care more about what they've learned about wine versus actually enjoying it.

Their goal is to have people sit back and sip.

Makes sense!

It's a sweet wine, it's made from a mixture of both red and white wine grapes. 

AND it's only $11 a bottle!

You'll find Gik in late September starting in Boston, Miami, and Texas. After that launch, Gik will become available in New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Washington, California, and Nevada.

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