Eric Church Releases Lyric Video for Vegas Victims Tribute, ‘Why Not Me’

This past Friday, I played the Harvest Music Festival in Vegas. I was the headliner. I looked out there, at that crowd, in that place. It was our last show of the year and I watched them hold American flags up during “How ‘Bout You.” I watched them put an American scarf around my neck during “Springsteen,” they held records up when I played “Record Year,” they held boots up when I played “These Boots.” I was so moved by it, mainly because I looked at ‘em and went “This is my crowd. I’ve seen this crowd all year, they’re mine.” They came from all over the country because it was our last show, and I did something different on the last song on “Springsteen.” I jumped down on the speaker, and I went down, actually on the floor, it was a high stage so I actually jumped out on the ground. And there was a little row that split the crowd, and it went all the way to my front of house guy and it split the crowd on either side so, the crowd was on the right side, the crowd was on the left side. I went down the right side and I shook everybody’s hand and I told them “Thank you for coming, it’s been a heck of a year, it’s been a hell of a year actually.” And I went all the way down the right side, waved at my sound guy, came back up the left side, smiling faces, hands in the air, pictures being taken. I jumped back up on stage and played “Holdin’ My Own” and “A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young.” And 48 hours later, in those places that I stood, was carnage. Those are my people. Those are my fans.