The Countdown To New Sugarland Music Has Officially Started

There’s nothing country fans love more than anything in the world than Sugarland. And the good newsTheir love for each other is “Still the Same.” As lead singer Jennifer Nettles tells People, she and Kristian Bush never closed the Sugarland door, so it was easy to walk back into it. She says...

“The thing is, we have each been doing so many fun and wonderful things on our own, but I also feel like from a timing perspective it’s like, ‘Okay, let’s get back together and see what we have to offer to this project now. We’ll continue to float in and out of those two realms between Sugarland and in our own stuff at this point.” 

Jennifer and Kristian release their new single “Still the Same” Friday (Dec. 21) in an iHeartRadio world exclusive, officially cementing themselves as a force in the country music landscape again. 

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