Caroline Bryan's Kangaroos Are Truly Living Their Best Life

Earlier this summer (about the same time that Luke's wife made her Instagram public) they opened up about a project they had been working on. It's called Brett's Barn.

Brett's Barn is named after Caroline's late niece.

The barn includes a goat named Little Luke, a pig named Jimmy Dean, two mini horses named Bumble and Kilo (Kilo is a white pony) and another goat named Goober Goldsby. AND most recently these two little guys!

2 kangaroos Luke gifted her for Christmas. AND they are TRULY living their best life. In front of the fire. Wearing diapers.



Here's the video of Luke giving her these two little cuties on Christmas morning!


Some people just get all the luck! (like marrying Luke Bryan AND owning kangaroos) LOL

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