Starbucks Reveals New Drinks For New Year's Eve


Starbucks revealed three new drinks for NYE.'s the all-new Black and White Mocha Collection!

it includes a trio of black and white themed drinks — the Black and White Mocha, Black and White Hot Cocoa, and Black and White Frappuccino. 

According to a release: the Black and White Mocha starts off with Starbucks' signature espresso roast poured over a "silky swirl of white chocolate and dark mocha." Steamed milk is added to the drink before it's all topped off with whipped cream and chocolate "sequins." The Black and White Hot Chocolate combines dark mocha sauce, white chocolate mocha sauce, and steamed milk before also being topped with whipped cream and chocolate sequins. And lastly, the Black and White Frappuccino is essentially a frozen and caffeinated version of the aforementioned hot cocoa.

They're only available through the new get one fast!

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