Lauren Akins Shares Heart-Wrenching, Inspiring Journey of Orphan She Helped

Bless his little heart.

So glad there's people like Lauren out there spreading the love! 

"So this is sweet little Frances. And if you scroll through these pics **WARNING some of them are hard to look at-but it was his reality** he was found by our @147millionorphansground team in Masindi, Uganda. He is a total orphan, meaning no living relatives, he weighed about 12 pounds-yet he’s about 5 years old. The reason he looked like he did is because of complete malnourishment, he had no one to care for him. The community would put cassava root in a little bowl and he just sat there in the dirt with jiggers eating up his fingernails, no clothes and barely anything to eat. Enoch, on our 147 team, took him to the hospital then brought him to our new 147 Million Orphans Reclaim Center. He cried when anyone touched him, and he cried when they tried to put clothes on him because he wasn’t used to any loving human touch. He had no idea how to accept it. Oh my goodness. TODAY he’s not even the same child, thank you Jesus. He loves to be loved now not only from Ugandans but mzungus (white people) too 💛💛 now he has clothes, his fingernails are almost completely healed, and he has yummy healthy food and water, medicine, education and shelter-all of this provided by @147millionorphans in Jesus’ name 😘🙌🏼 y’all he’s the most precious little boy and there are many more just like him. So many of y’all ask me how to help. A huge way to help is by donating to @147millionorphans and giving children like little Frances a chance at a new life😘 I held him the last day we were there and he fell asleep on me, we ate some snacks, we sang songs, we played & laughed and when I held him he held on to me so tight😩😭💙 so thankful Jesus brought us to him and I cannot wait to watch him grow! Stay tuned for more pics of the little sweeties at our reclaim center :)"