#AdoptDontShop: Meet Wendy, This Special Girl Is Looking For A Home

Wendy came to visit us yesterday at the radio station (Friday) and my goodness she doesn't let her special needs get the best of her AT ALL.

She is so active, fun, sweet and playful.

She is around two years old and was possibly hit by a car. When that happened, something messed up inside to where she can't control her bowel movements. So, with the being said; she does wear a diaper. But, that gives her even more personality!!!!!!!

If you live on a farm, she may be a great fit for you!!! Or, if you have a warm garage for her to sleep in at night, that would also be a great fit for her if you don't want to change diapers.

BUT SHE IS SUCH A SWEETHEART. She deserves a chance at a great home!!!!

Look at that sweet face!!!!!!!!!

For more info on Wendy, click HERE!

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