The Road To Austin: Road Trip To Our 2018 iHeartCountry Festival

It was a super fun weekend in Austin!!

Chelsea (our Digital Content Director AKA Web Girl Chelsea) and I made the road trip down to Austin.

Honestly, I was a little scared of the drive. I always prefer to fly if possible; but there were so many things we wanted to hit on the way there that driving just made sense.

The first one being: TURNER FALLS in Davis, Oklahoma.

How gorgeous is that waterfall and blue looking swimming hole?! There's also a zip line in the park if you're feeling crazy enough!

And don't forget the original Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies good! And it makes for a cute photo opportunity too!

The next stop on the trip was a NO BRAINER!!!

In-N-Out BURGER!!!

The first one in Texas off I-35 is in Denton and it's less than five hours down the highway. Truthfully, I think I would have made the trip to Denton JUST for In-N-Out and then turned back around haha...totally worth it!!!

Go about an hour and forty five minutes further down 35 South and you'll find yourself in Waco, TX. 


no big deal.

This really was the whole reason we needed to drive. We've been wanting to drive to Waco for some time now to see the silos and now was the time!

It was kind of a cloudy day and it was raining a little bit so the lines were extremely short. Some of the employees were saying it was one of the slowest days they've ever seen!

The silos were gorgeous! We went to the bakery and got cupcakes and their famous chocolate chip cookies. I would venture to say it's the best chocolate chip cookie I've ever had! We also had to get some Magnolia farms t-shirts, sweatshirts and #shiplap stickers. Because, duh!


Then 101 miles further down the road you find yourself in Austin. The drive was so much easier than I even expected. If you've been thinking of driving to Waco...what are you waiting for?! 

So worth it!

We stayed in an AirBNB cottage right by this coffee shop. I take my coffee as seriously as I take In-N-Out Burger, and this Honey-Nut Latte was the best latte I have ever had in my entire life. Period.

We even made the #iHeartCountry video!

Luke Combs was my favorite part of the daytime village.

But our highlight of the show was Bobby coming out of nowhere during Sugarland.



Is it time for our iHeartRadio Music Festival yet?!

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