Royal Rules Meghan Markle Has to Follow Now That She's A Duchess

There's some interesting rules that Meghan must follow now that she's a duchess!

  • no selfies. 
  • no wedges. 
  • no mini skirts. 
  • no social media. 
  • no dark nail polish

...just to name a few! But, no social media?! That's nuts! That explains why her instagram and her lifestyle blog went dark last year.

  • No PDA
  • No public displays of affection from now on. No holding hands. No kissing. No hugging.
  • No Autographs (because her signature could lead to a public document...which makes sense!)
  • Traveling Together Is Forbidden! If they must get on a train, plane, or boat... they must travel separately. This is to prevent one accident from taking out several members of the royal family.

  • She Must Always Be Attentive To The Queen's Signals. There are hidden codes in what the Queen does, and Meghan must follow suit. If the Queen places her bag on the table, it means we are leaving in 5 minutes. (I wish my family would get this memo LOL) At meals, when the Queen is finished eating, everyone is finished eating. Forks down!

Read the FULL list from Buzzfeed below

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