California Testing Digital Licence Plates

Sacramento is officially living in the future.

Digital display licence plates may soon be an option for California car owners.

The plates, made by Reviver Auto, use the same technology as Kindle e-readers and can flash changeable messages controlled by the vehicle's driver or manager.

They come with computer chips and a battery that allows its owner to locate the plate, and potentially the vehicle it's normally attached to, if it gets stolen.

The Department of Motor Vehicles has approved the plates for testing and the first batch of 24 hit the streets of Sactown last week.

Not surprisingly, the cost of having technologically advanced licence plates is high. 

Dealerships will likely sell the plates for $699 (not including the cost of installation) and there is a monthly operating fee of $7.

On the bright-side, the plates can be registered electronically and don't require a sticker which saves users a trip to the DMV.

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