A Quick Three Days In Phoenix

It's no secret that I love to travel! I had been wanting to check out Dierks Bentley's Whiskey Row in Scottsdale for a while now, so said what the heck.

Booked a quick 3 day weekend in Phoenix and in the middle of the summer...you can sure get a good rate at a top of the line resort. Because, most people don't go to Phoenix in the middle of July lol


My favorite thing in the whole world is a good acai bowl, and they aren't easy to find!!

Well, if you're ever in Scottsdale and need an amazing smoothie bowl...YOU HAVE TO VISIT WOW WOW HAWAIIAN LEMONADE.

I had the COLD BREW bowl and it was infused with COLD BREW COFFEE. Needles to say, it took my acai bowl obsession to a whole new level.

I know a blade of grass could be taller than I am at 5 feet...but I'd never seen so many tall cacti in my whole entire life! WAY taller than I am. 

National Car Rental hooked my boyfriend and I up with a car rental upgrade. When I said I wanted the convertible I'm pretty sure they thought I was nuts, because it was 118 degrees. 

But, duhhh. I was already envisioning the photos you could take in the middle of the desert with the top down.

Just imagine me dripping sweat trying to get these photos.


Obviously, I had to check out Whiskey Row.

and Hula's Modern Tiki is at the top of my list as well...

Asian Mexican fusion is the bomb at SumoMaya.

AND if you like a good neighborhood dive bar feel....I highly recommend Old Town Tavern in Old Town Scottsdale. And who knew Scottsdale had so many wine tasting rooms?! Su Vino Winery has some of the most unique/delicious wines I've ever tasted. Many are fruit infused and unlike anything I've ever tried before. The Razzle Dazzle sparkling wine: it's to die for!

What are your favorite spots in Phoenix?

It's time to start planning my next adventure. Any recommendations?

Wheels up!

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