Kenny Chesney Brought Things Full Circle In Kansas City With This Fan

Serious goosebumps right here! I was lucky enough to go backstage at Arrowhead on Saturday and we got to chat with Kenny for a little bit.

1) Kenny is the most humble down to earth celebrity I've ever met. Something about him, he's just not intimidating and gives off the most genuine positive vibes. I was always a huge fan. Now after meeting him, I'm a SUPER, MEGA, CRAZY fan. But, anywho lol

2) Kenny told the most amazing story about Hurricane Irma and this shotski (pictured above) I could tell when he was telling the story that he was getting goosebumps just talking about it.

Several years back a fan named Michele made this shotski and brought it to a tailgate at Arrowhead. She ended up meeting Kenny and gifted him this ski, and it was signed by many members of the no shoes nation, and dates all the dates they had been to a Kenny Chesney concert. Kenny thought this was just the coolest thing ever, and he told Michele he would hang it up at his tiki bar at his house in the islands. Which he did. And there it stayed for many years.

Until, Hurricane Irma came. Kenny said everything at the bar was completely demolished. Blown away. Gone. HOWEVER, there stood (and fully intact) was the No Shoes Nation ski. He thought this resembled the strength of the No Shoes Nation. And we are all solid!

Kenny brought things full circle in Kansas City on Saturday night when he gave the ski back to Michele.

Truly, what an awesome dude!!

Here's that SAME ski on the cover of his live Arrowhead.

So awesome!

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