Happy #NationalRadioDay 2018!


Every year on this day I tend to look back at the last FOURTEEN YEARS of my life. I can't believe I've been in radio FOURTEEN years. I don't even feel that old. I'm not sure how that's possible.

I did take two years off and was a Flight Attendant. I will always describe that as the best/worst two years of my life.

People often ask me how I got into radio or what brought me here. I guess it was mostly just my love for music. I once truly believed I was going to be the next Christina Aguilera. However, after a handful of failed American Idol auditions later I have given that dream up. 

In case anyone cares at all or has interest in working in radio...here's how my career began.


But who is counting.

I started working in radio in high school in Kansas City at Mix 93.3.

I interned in their promotions department & street team for about two years. I was so obsessed with the job that I worked for FREE for two years. 

I was super intrigued by the on-air side of the gig that I then did an internship for The Cabana Boy Show on Mix (he did nights 7-midnight!) I loved it so much that I continued to work for free.

 They literally couldn't get rid of me. 

After two years of interning...I GOT MY FIRST PAYING GIG. 

I was hired to run the radio board during live broadcasts and I would come in super early at 6AM Saturday & Sunday mornings running the board for the American Top 40 countdown. This was years ago too, so I think it was when Casey Kasem still hosted the countdown!

Below is the first picture ever taken of me running my own radio board. 

I was so proud...you have no idea.

I guess I was okay enough-ish at running the board that somehow they allowed me on-air on the weekends while I was in college. But, it was overnights. 

I worked at a tanning salon and went to classes Monday - Friday and then I worked at the station Friday & Saturday overnights. Looking back I'm not sure how I even passed my classes with such little sleep. But, I was just so obsessed with radio. 

Every single time I got to crack the mic it was such a rush!

I did the overnights for a year and then I was able (all while still in college!) to produce the Rocket & Teresa Morning Show in KC. I grew up listening to them in Kansas City so I really felt like I finally arrived once I got to work for them.

Pictured [left to right] is one of my BFFs Josh Swank who was on the show as well. Rocket, Teresa & Ponch!

This remains one of my career highlights:



Also, meeting Reba. How is that even possible?!

Circa 2008...I was so obsessed with Katy Perry that I wanted to look just like her. So, I dyed my hair black.

Please don't ever let me do that again. hahah


And one of the best moments of my life was at Red White & Boom in Kansas City when Swank and the Chiefs Cheerleaders sang and danced to "It's Raining Men."

After college, I moved to Wichita to do middays on Channel 963.

Then in 2013 moved to 102.1 The Bull when it launched and did afternoons.

Somehow, I even won a KAB Award from the Kansas Association of Broadcasters for DJ Personality of the year. 

Fourteen years later, I'm literally still counting all the blessings that radio has given me. And all the people I get to meet every single day, radio has allowed me to make so many friends.

I will ride this radio wave until it crashes. Can't imagine doing anything else!

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