2019's American Girl Doll of the Year Is So Trendy, I Want To Be Her BFF

World, meet Blaire!

She's already so trendy and environmentally friendly and cool that I want to be her BFF

Every year, American Girl releases a new Doll of The Year, and many times these dolls come with a story that they think young girls could learn from. 

Blaire Wilson is 2019's Doll of the Year and her story is pretty cool!

"In New York’s Hudson Valley, there’s a girl who’s ready to bring her talent to the table and share it with others!

For Blaire Wilson, creating a new dish with fresh ingredients from her family’s farm is one of her favorite ways to connect with the people in her life. The other is helping host events—her first wedding ceremony is coming up soon. But with distractions online and off, will all her ideas combine into a recipe for success or an epic mess?

Grow with Blaire as she gets creative and realizes there’s comfort in cooking and gathering—because spending time together is what matters most."

American Girl says Blaire needs to spend more time with her family, and they're pushing for kids to get off their phones. This is quite the lesson from American Girl...I totally dog it!

Julia Prohaska, the VP of marketing for American Girl says:

“Building and maintaining supportive relationships with family and friends is central to Blaire’s story — a message we think is important to champion among girls today. In an age where families are often striving for quality time together, we hope Blaire inspires everyone to make a New Year’s resolution to connect more regularly with the important people in their lives and make their time together this year really count.”

Pretty awesome! She's so Joanna Gaines!

However, I still think no doll is as cool as Kirsten was back in the day. She was and always will be my favorite American Girl doll!

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