Ryan Hurd Releases Song For Those In The Cold, 'Michigan For The Winter'

Meanwhile, I just wanna go suuuuuuuper south for the winter!!

I need a change of scene 'til the seasons change

Maybe longer nights, maybe shorter days

Will get me over what I can't get past

If you're gone and you won't come back

Maybe a little space or a little time

Somewhere far from here will get you off my mind

I can't stay watching you move on all February long

I'm going to Michigan for the winter

Between the dark and the light of the sky and the snow

Most people go south for the weather

Instead of hiding out in the cold, but

Just in case you wanna change your mind

I'm lettin' you know where you can find me

46th Street, that first right turn

Down a dirt road watching that wood stove burn

I'm either waiting out your memory

Or for you don't wanna come back to me

Whichever comes first until it don't hurt no more

I'll be up North

I'm going to Michigan for the winter

I'm going to Michigan

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