Chipotle Now Has Drive-Thru 'Chipotlanes'

A revelation has happened for all Chipotle lovers!

Can we get this everywhere please???

Chipotle is now offering drive-thru service known as 'Chipotlanes.' Currently, only 10 locations have 'Chipotlanes' in states including Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia, which have all received rave reviews. The good news is, Chipotle will be expanding this year by opening up a few dozen more drive-thrus across the U.S.

However, this won't be you average drive-thru order, you'll have to pre-order on their mobile app ahead of time before picking it up at the drive-thru window.

Perfect for the days you don't want to leave your car in order to enjoy a burrito with extra guac!!

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