Happy Ending For "Fire Fighter" Cat, Edna!

An anonymous complaint is forcing San Francisco firefighters and emergency responders to get rid of their beloved station cat named Edna -- but thankfully, an emergency official has stepped up to adopt the cat. The San Francisco Fire Department says Edna the cat, who's lived at Station 49 in the city for 5 years, is bonding with members of the department. Station 49 is primarily used as an ambulance deployment facility where medical supplies and pharmaceuticals are stored. The anonymous complaint about the cat prompted an investigation -- which led officials to conclude the cat compromised the sterility of the supplies stored at the station, forcing the cat to find a new home. The news of the cat being "evicted" inspired several social media pleas from followers who asked officials to reconsider the decision. SF Fire released a statement saying animals are prohibited on department property & this has been the law for more than 20 years.Thank you to the firefighter that stepped up and adopted her!