Watch Selma Blair's First Interview About Life With Multiple Sclerosis

Selma Blair appeared for the first time with Robin Roberts to talk about her multiple sclerosis diagnosis. Blair, who appeared for the first time on the red carpet at the Oscars, suffered in silence for years before she found out what was ailing her.

She told Roberts that she was in pain and would self medicate to deal with how her body was reacting. Selma’s speech is affected by spasmodic dysphonia and she walks with the use of a customized cane.

Selma reached out to Michael J. Fox, who has Parkinson’s Disease, for help and understanding of her condition, much like MS, Parkinson's is a disease of the central nervous system and it affects motor functions.

Blair’s neurologist was surprised that she would go on camera to discuss her condition because most patients don’t have the energy to talk during flare-ups but Blair said: “I do because I love the camera!”

Hang in there Selma! We adore you and we are pulling for you, big time!

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