Watch: Tom Hanks Sing 'Happy Birthday' To A Woman In Restaurant!

Samantha Aragon got the birthday serenade of a lifetime from Tom Hanks while she was out celebrating her birthday with her husband and friends at a Ruth Chris restaurant. 

She had already noticed that Tom was sitting at the table next to her and began dropping hints that it was her birthday just loud enough so that the table he was at could hear her.

"I said can he just sing happy birthday to me," Samantha recalled. "I think he heard that." 

Well, whether he heard it or not Tom got up and sang, "Happy birthday dear Samantha, happy birthday to you." 

Samantha was all smiles and even caught the birthday moment on video, and called it "the best 12 seconds of her life." 

Tom has been in Albuquerque for the past week working on a new movie called, "Bios." 

(Thumbnail Image: Getty Images)

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