Malibu Rum's 60-Ounce Cocktail Pouches Come In Four Boozy Flavors

yes yes yes!!!!

If tropical drinks are your thing then Malibu Rum has new cocktail pouches that come in four new flavors for summer! for summer!

The cocktails come in 60-ounce pouches so you can easily take them anywhere. They’re equipped with a nozzle attached you can pour right into your cup or your mouth. 

it's like an adult juice box!!

The pouches come in lime and coconut, or daiquiri, rum punch, pineapple twist, and Blue Hawaiian. 

Even better, if you order directly from the Malibu website you may be able to get your drinks delivered.

Just plug in your zip-code to see where you can pick up your Malibu pouches or get them delivered in under an hour. 


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