Stray Cat Becomes Family To A Traveling Couple

WATCH: I love animals, and although dogs are my all time favorite, cats are also so cute! And here is an adorable story about a stray cat who wondered into this couples life, and became more than just a cat. When you watch this story, it really makes you believe in fate because sometimes things are just meant to be.

We have all had that moment in our life, when something is just so right that you can't talk yourself out of it. And that is exactly what happened with this couple and the stray cat. The cat may have come into their life while they were traveling, but it definitely couldn't have been just by chance. You will know what I mean when you watch this beautiful feel good story:


Ok, now wasn't that cute? But I couldn't go without bringing up a dog story as well! Now this is just so darn cute that I had to share it with you. We can all relate to having a special childhood doll, toy or blanket that we took everywhere with us. Well, dogs are not too different from us when it comes to special items. And it is proven in this video below.

This Golden Retriever received a special gift as he was welcomed to the family. But what the owners didn't realize was that this toy would go everywhere with him! And when I say everywhere, I mean it! But it is so darn cute that you just have to let him have his toy! Check it out below:

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