Passport Renewal IS Possible In 24 Hours With Fedex!

Looking to travel? But need a passport renewal?

Here's the solution for you! This can be kind of a hectic process to get done, especially if you realize it last minute.

FedEx is now here to save the day!

Most of us don't realize that we need a passport renewal until the last possible minute.

FedEx new service will get you your new passport within 24 hours!

It doesn't get much better than that.

They are partnering up with RushMyPassport.

Here's what you have to do.

Stop into one of the 2,000 FedEx locations across the country, or visit FedEx's website to register for a new document.

With this service, here's what they offer! You'll be able to receive updated passport photos, rushed new passports or renewals, children's passports and replacing a lost or stolen passport.

According to Mosie Miller who is the CEO of RushMyPassport, she stated "Routine passport processing can take weeks, which can mean the difference between enjoying that dream vacation you’ve spent months planning or canceling it. You also have to factor in the possibility of issues with documents you finally receive in the mail, causing further delays and even more headaches. The combined service offering of RushMyPassport and FedEx Office helps travelers overcome these issues, giving a smooth and secure way to handle passport needs."

You'll even be able to track your passport throughout the process!

The downside is that it's going to cost you a little money.

In order to get your passport in 24 hours, you'll need to pay $449.00

Rushed shipping is $90.00 and that doesn't include the $170 fee from the federal government.

So, you'll probably pay close to $700!

What do you think about this? Do you think it's worth it?



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