Couple's Secret To Happy Marriage Is Matching Outfits & Singing!

Our topic tonight is "What hobby do you and your S.O. share that brings you closer together? What brings you both joy?" And this couple gave us an inside look at their secret to a happy marriage!

Married for 67 years, Francis and Rosemary Klontz, have two main secrets: matching outfits and singing together! They have been doing both of these things for seven decades! Every outfit they wear and each note they sing is harmonized perfectly.

The two love birds met in while they were in Junior High in Auburn, Washington.

Rosemary Klonts said “My mother got us matching shirts when we were in high school – well, I picked them out — and we’ve been matching ever since.” Francis Klonts added on and said “And I thought she was the cutest little thing. By the time we were seniors, we started going together.” How cute!

Next month, the Klontz's will have been married for 68 years and Francis said after all this time, he's very familiar with the phrase "happy wife, happy wife" He lets his bride pick out their outfits every day. He diesn't seem to mind though, Francis said “She just lays it out for me, and I don’t have to worry about a thing!”

When they were asked the question of their secret to a happy marriage, they were very much in agreement with their answer. Rosemary said “Jesus first, others second, you last – that’s the way you spell JOY. (singing) Jesus and others and you – what a wonderful way to spell joy!”

Just from watching the video, you can tell these two are very vocally in tune with each other. They call themselves the “singing chaplains” and perform at local churches, hospitals, and even just for each other around their home!

Check out some of their videos below!

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