Range 54: An Awesome Training Experience

My mom and I had the pleasure of attending Range 54's Women's Basic Pistol Course last weekend.

I had shot before, but really wanted to to feel more comfortable and confident in my skills and my basic firearms knowledge.

Range 54 was the PERFECT place to start. What initially felt so inviting to me was the environment the second I walked in the door. You'll know what I mean when you visit their facility for the first time as well. It's bright, inviting, and doesn't feel like a boys club AT ALL. That was important to me because previously at other shooting ranges, I did feel like the landscape was a little bit more intimidating for a female trying to learn the basic skills.

Brooke and Abby were the instructors (Abby is on the far right) and she is a competitive sharpshooter with an extremely impressive resume! So, you know you're learning from the best! It was also all females in the class too which made it really fun.

The class was 4 hours last Friday night (6pm-10pm) and then Saturday morning 8-noon. 8 hours total!

The first night was classroom work and familiarizing ourselves with the weapons and learning all the basics from beginning to end. And there was no such thing as a stupid question, we learned from the very beginning. Everything from how to properly hold your firearm, load it, aim and learning how to get the best shot possible.

Saturday morning we actually went to the range and put our knowledge to the test.

Everyone there was at different skill levels, one woman actually owned her own gun, others had never shot before. My mom for one had never shot before. She was extremely nervous. I honestly thought she might chicken out! But, once she got on the range and with some motivation...she nailed it! Now she can't wait to go back!

Mine is the 2nd one from the left, and I must say: I AM A PRETTY GOOD SHOT AFTER THIS TRAINING!!

At the end they even went over how to clean your gun. And if you do own your own firearm, they have full classes based around learning how to properly clean your gun if that's something that interests you!

Some other really neat things they offer are self defense classes! If that's more your speed, this is a brand new course they just started offering! It's called the Women's Only Unarmed Self Defense. They also offer:

  • There is a full range of classes offered for students of all skill levels.
  • Range 54 encourages everyone to train often.
  • Range 54 is an inclusive environment with friendly staff, knowledgeable trainers, awesome customers. Everyone is welcome regardless of skill level.
  • The full course schedule is updated regularly can be found at Range54.com and folks are encouraged to call Range 54 with any questions at 316-440-2854

Every Monday is for the ladies! You pay the $7.50 rental fee and you get unlimited switches! If you're thinking of purchasing a firearm, you can try them all before making a purchase.

Tuesday's are 2 for the price of 1 packages on the range

Wednesday is 11-2 half off furing your lunch break!

Hope to see you out there one of these Monday nights!

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