Costco Is Selling Huge Bottles Of Boozy Egg Nog... So Cheers!

We can always count on Costco for our Holiday supply! There's nothing better than some Egg Nog around the Holidays! Costco's Kirklad Signature has been seen on the shelves for years and it's back again for the 2019 season!

Years prior, you've probably seen the Traditional Holiday Egg Nog Wine Liqueur that is made up of real dairy cream, whiskey, spiced rum, brandy & French Vanilla and has 14.75% ABV.

This version we're talking about is a little different, but same idea! The spiked egg nog is made with real dairy cream and has 13.9% ABV and for a huge bottle it will only cost you $8.99!

Some suggest you serve the cocktail over ice. What's your favorite way to serve Egg Nog?!

Breakfast beverage anyone?!

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