Jason Aldean + Brittany Just Updated Their Beach House - IT LOOKS AMAZING

Jason and Brittany Aldean are currently living in Kane Brown's old house until the forever home they're building is done.

Check out some photos of it's progress:

Well, what really caught my eye is a recent post Brittany made about their beach house! They went there for NYE, and it sounds like they're updating that as well.

She shared this GORGEOUS photo of the kitchen:

UMM...how unique is that?! The black splash....I AM DROOLING!!!

She captioned the photo: "Next stop, The Beach! Our house is readyyyyy🙌🏼 Do y’all want a tour of our new and improved beach house? (Kitchen Preview☝🏼) It will leave you like 😯😲😵"

YES I WANT A TOUR!!! It needs it's own HGTV special that kitchen looks so amazing lol

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