GREAT NEWS: Trader Joes Is Selling Acai Bowls Now

I am constantly in search of the best acai bowls the world has to offer!

So far, the best one I have EVER found was at a coffee truck in San Diego right on the beach. I literally have dreams about that one lol

Great news though if you want to start making them at home....TRADER JOES IS NOW SELLING FROZEN ACAI BOWLS!!!!

Trader Joes announced the new product on their website the other day saying:

"Trader Joe’s Organic Açaí Bowlwas inspired by the Brazilian specialty calledaçaí na tigela(“acai in the bowl”). In addition to being sold by beach vendors on the Brazilian coast, some versions of this refreshing, fruity treat have made their way into specialty smoothie shops all around the U.S."

It sure looks delicious!!!!

BRB on my way to buy them ALL right now!

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