Wichita Is Finally Getting A Top Golf Type of Golf Entertainment Complex

Photo: Courtesy of Wichita Eagle

How exciting is this!! I know a lot of us have been saying for quite some time how bad we want a golf entertainment complex!! KC has TopGolf, Tulsa has FlyingTee and we knew it was just a matter of time until Wichita got something similar.

And that time is now!!!

BigShots Golf Entertainment Complex is coming to Wichita! It'll open in early 2021.

Check out the rendering:

“It’s a restaurant and bar environment with an outdoor golf driving range on the back side with netting and golf holes. . . . It uses Doppler radar to track the balls.”

There's also going to be a hotel to the south of the complex. By this time next year it should be open!

It'll be open at 29th & Greenwich!

Check out more:

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