Harrison Ford Is Back In The ICT For His Yearly Visit

Harrison Ford is back in Wichita!

We're all on Harrison Ford watch to say the least:

Every single year he makes a trip here to have his plane serviced. And it seems like every year he hits up all of his favorite spots!

According to the Wichita Eagle he had breakfast this morning at Doo-Dah diner, which seems to be a yearly stop for him!

On Sunday, he had dinner at Sabor in Old Town which is another spot he frequents. It seems to be usually his first or last stop of the trip.

Last night, he ate at a different location in Old Town. He ate at New Lemongrass: Taste of Vietnam according to the owner who posted the visit on Facebook.

How cool is that?!

No word on how long he will be in town. If you spot him, let me know!!!!

@ihearmichelle on instagram!

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