California May Soon Legalize Jaywalking

Photo: Getty Images

While it's a crime that many people ignore, California could soon make it legal to jaywalk.

According to CBS13, California state lawmakers have voted to legalize crossing the street outside of a crosswalk if no cars are around.

Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco), the bill's author, says jaywalking tickets have become a way for police to unfairly target people of color.

“The people who are getting cited are disproportionately African American,” Ting said. “We have the example of Nandi Cain, who in Sacramento was crossing the street. Law enforcement chased this individual down and they started beating him.”

The bill is supported by pedestrian safety groups like Walk Sacramento.

However, some think the change won't be safe.

16 pedestrians have been killed on Sacramento street so far this year, reports CBS13. Investigators say they found that pedestrians are at fault over 75% of the time.

But supporters say penalizing pedestrians on an empty street is unjust.

The bill has been sent to Governor Gavin Newsom's desk. If it's signed, the bill would go into effect on January 1.

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