This Bar Has The Best Cocktails In Sacramento

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Humans have been indulging in cocktails since the 18th century. They started as big bowls of spirits mixed with juice, spices, and other flavors.

Over the years they evolved to the dainty, colorful drinks we know now and Sacramento has so many great options. But where can you find the best cocktails in the city?

According to Yelp, the best place for cocktails in Sacramento is The Cabin.

The bar is known for its popular S'mores drink which is set on fire by the bartender.

Here's what one reviewer, Tina H., had to say about the bar:

"The last few times that I have been here Josh, the bartender always hooks it up and knows that we like the stabbin cabin and the cabin mule. The other cocktails are well worth a try too. They also have small snacks on the menu. Sometimes the music vibes aren't all there but the strong drinks makes up for it. There is a good amount of seating indoors and they also have outdoor seating as well. Face masks aren't enforced here so tread as you wish."

Here are the top cocktail bars in Sacramento according to Yelp:

  1. The Cabin
  2. Trophy Club
  3. Frank
  4. The Snug
  5. Midtown Spirits
  6. Smic's Bar
  7. The Red Rabbit Kitchen & Bar
  8. The Jungle Bird
  9. Beast and Bounty
  10. Canon

To see the rest of Yelp's list, click here.

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