Black Friday: Hilarious Tweets To Get You Through Those Dreaded Long Lines

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It's Black Friday -- also known as the day after Thanksgiving and the day to score major discounts on some of your favorite products at some of your favorite stores. According to reports, experts are expecting record breaking spending this holiday season. This Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, retailers are gearing up for shoppers to flood their businesses in droves, to make up for the 2020 plunge of in-person shopping due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During these uncertain times, it's difficult to maintain a sense of tradition. For Gen Zers, who've spent many of their precious school years learning at home via the computer, away from their peers. One Twitter user asked:

"Like is Black Friday shopping still a thing anymore since la rona???"

As many stores have started announcing their Black Friday sales, shoppers are already prepping themselves to stand in long lines during the early morning hours to catch a deal. One tweeter joked:

"I love going black friday shopping just to see the long lines and realize ive made a mistake!"

Everyone needs a bit of distraction while waiting in those dreadful long lines, in the freezing cold weather. According to sociologist David Gibson, one of the tips to help distract people from that fact that they're standing in line is to bring something to pass the time. Gibson shared:

"Having something to do in line does make the time go by faster. This was the driving logic behind putting mirrors in elevators in the late ‘40s: So long as people are looking at themselves, adjusting their outfits, or fixing their hair, they’re less likely to notice a delay.

Check out these hilarious Black Friday inspired tweets to help get you through those infamous long lines.

Happy Holidays!

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