California Gas Rebate Delayed Under New Legislature Plan

Photo: Getty Images

The California gas rebate may take a bit longer to get to residents than initially anticipated. According to the Bay Area News Group, relief may not come for another five months under plans promoted by legislative leaders. In an interview with the new group, Governor Gavin Newsom criticized the state's Democratic leadership for proposing a plan that would funnel $8 billion through the Franchise Tax Board, which he said may add months to the refund timeline.

“FTB can’t get the money out quickly, because they’re in the middle of tax refund season,” Newsom said. “My sense was, people may get a little cranky about that. They may want a little quicker relief.” The governor also added that refunds would start in late September and could span all the way into next spring.

Under the plan, taxpayers making less than $125,000 would receive $200 checks with an additional $200 for every child or dependent. There has been debate around whether the money should go to all California residents regardless of income levels or be targeted toward people in greater need.

Newsom initially proposed $400 for every registered vehicle Californians own capping the relief at $800 for two vehicles. His plan holds the Department of Motor Vehicles, instead of the FTB, responsible for distributing the debit cards that would start hitting mailboxes "earlier in the summer," according to the governor.

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